Saturday, July 24, 2010



  1. 1 Bottlegourd (lauki)
  2. 1 tsp. banarasi rai (it's special spice but if not available,you can use mustard seeds too)
  3. 2 whole red chillies broken into small pieces
  4. 2 tsp mustardoil for seasoning
  5. salt
  6. Yogurt or curd 2 cups (thick and beaten)
  7. Roasted cumin powder


  1. Grate lauki and heat mustard oil in a pan,when hot,add banarasi rai and broken red chill.
  2. Stir for a moment,rai will splutter,add grated lauki(bottle gourd) and cover and cook till lauki is soft and brownish.It should be completely dry.
  3. Let it cool ,then mix in thick beaten yogurt or curd adding salt and roasted cumin powder.

This raita was my mom's special and definitely it tastes outstanding.Try it out and find yourself!
P.S.Banarasi rai is not available in Indian grocery stores,I buy it from India and it lasts for years as seldom it is needed but it's worth keeping it for certain kind of dishes,it's a peculiar spice of eastern U.P. cuisine.


Friday, July 23, 2010


This dal is very simple to make but super delicious,only condition is time & patience.My friends love it when they eat at my place and ask the recipe,but when they cook it at their home,they complain it doesn't turn out the same.I ask them,"did u follow all d instructions?" they reply in negative!The point is it takes almost 7 hours slow heat cooking and if you skip it,it won't be the same!Here's the recipe=


  1. 1 cup whole urad dal
  2. 2 tbsp. red kidney beans(Rajma)
  3. 8 cups water
  4. 2 medium size finely chopped onions
  5. 2 medium size tomatoes
  6. 1 serving spoon olive oil
  7. 1/2 stick butter
  8. 1 tsp. red chilli powder
  9. 1 tsp. corriander powder
  10. 1 tbsp. garam masala powder(I use store bought for this recipe).
  11. salt according to taste

  1. Heat olive oil in a vessel(you can use desi ghee or any kind of refined oil).
  2. Add onions and fry them till they turn pink.
  3. Add chopped tomatoes and all the dry masalas,cook till tomato gets tender and oil is separated.
  4. Add (overnight soaked dal and rajma) and water,cook till 3 whistles.
  5. Let the cooker absorb the steam.
  6. Now on very slow heat,let it cook for hours,occasionally stirring it.
  7. When the urad dal splits into two parts and onion is no more distinguishly visible,it is done.It will take approx. 7 hours.
  8. Add butter and enjoy!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


1-Tofu 1/2 container(I used hard Tofu)
2-Makhama 1/4 cup
3-Peas 1/2 cup
4-1 & 1/2 onion
5-Ginger 1/2" piece(grated)
6-Tomato paste 3/4 cup
7-Cashew 9-10
8-Black Cardamom 3,Cinnamon 1/2",Mace 1 flake,Black pepper 5-6,Green Cardamom 3(dry grind all these in a coffee grinder)
9-Salt according to taste
10-Red chilli powder according to taste(I used 2& 1/2tsp.)We eat very hot & spicy!
11-Kasoori methi 1 tsp.
12-2 Serving spoon oil
13-1/2 cup water
14-Corriander powder

In a pressure cooker,cook roughly cut onions with salt,chilli powder,corriander powder adding a quarter cup of water.On a slow flame,cook this till it whistles thrice.Turn off the heat and let it absorb the pressure.
Meanwhile mash tofu and shallow fry it in a pan till it turns pink.Keep aside.
Now open the cooker and mash the masala with a service spoon.Heat oil in the cooker and fry makhana(cut into halves) and cashew,set aside,in the remaining oil, fry the boiled masala.After 2 minutes,add tomato paste and grated ginger,cook it leaves oil.
At this point you can add a pinch of sugar too(I added).
Now add peas,fried tofo and makhana-cashew and bhuno for approx. 5 minutes.Add water and pressure cook till one whistle.
Open the lid after 15 minutes and now sprinkle ground masala and kasoori methi.Spoon out in a dish and garnish with cilantro.
It goes good with nan,Parantha or even chapatis and Pulav or plain rice.